Food safety and hygiene

  • Cross contamination, the spread of bacteria from raw to cooked food, is a major cause of food poisoning. To avoid cross 528contamination always wash your hands in between touching raw and cooked foods. Use separate knives, chopping boards and utensils for preparing for raw and cooked foods or wash it thoroughly in hot soapy water in-between.
  • Store raw and cooked foods on separate shelves in the fridge. Raw foods should always be stored at the bottom of the fridge, cooked foods on the top. Raw meat and poultry should be put on a plate or in a bowl to preventing it dripping.
  • It’s important to make sure that poultry, pork and meat products like burgers and sausages are properly cooked all the way through. To check that burgers, sausage chicken or pork, cut into the middle and check there is no pink meat left.
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Cooking and preparation tips

  • Watch your portion sizes
  • Although lean meat is more expensive than fatty cuts it’s better nutritional value. Buy lean meat and bulk out dishes like shepherd pie and lasagne by adding vegetables such as carrots, peas or sweetcorn or beans or pulses Don’t waste food – click here for tips on how to avoid waste