What went wrong – Batters

Batter puddings such as Cherry Clafoutis & Yorkshire Puddings

My pudding is soggy, heavy and/or tough

If it is soggy, heavy or tough, then you made have made the batter too thick or overfilled the tin. In order for batter puddings to rise and be light and airy, they need a hot oven and hot fat so problems such as the above may also be as a result of the oven or fat being too cool.

My pudding hasn’t risen properly

If your batter pudding hasn’t risen properly, it could be because your batter is too thin, or because the oven temperature or fat temperature was too cool.


My pancakes are soggy

Soggy pancakes may be as a result of the batter being too thick. You may have undercooked them or not used enough fat to cook them properly. Alternatively, the batter may be of the correct consistency but you may have used too much of it for each pancake. Batter which is too thick can also make the pancake difficult to roll or fold.

My pancakes break up easily

If the batter is too thin, or you have used insufficient eggs then you may find that your pancakes break up easily.


I’ve made greasy fritters

If your fritters are greasy, it may be because the fat is too cold or because they haven’t been drained well enough.

The food inside my fritters is undercooked

It the food inside the batter is undercooked, it is most likely that the fat is too hot and is cooking the outside of the food too quickly. Alternatively, the food pieces inside the batter might be too big.

The batter is floating off the food

Occasionally the batter might float off the food. This could be because the food wasn’t dried off properly before being coated or because the batter was too thin.