Toast of the nation

TOAST BRINGS COMFORT TO MILLIONS. It’s official! Toast has been scientifically proven to be the UK’s number one feel good food and Britain’s most loved food smell. Professor Tim Jacob, School of Biosciences at Cardiff University has found that the smell of toast triggers memories of happiness.

Toast toppings

A 2010 survey by the Flour Advisory Bureau found that we are a nation of toast lovers with over 99% of us claiming we simply love toast. With over 2 millions students heading off to university on tight budgets and armed with minimum culinary skills, toast will become a food stable for many and 42% of them going said toast would remind them of home and hence evoke feelings of comfort.

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter explains, “Students on a budget will be pleased to hear that many of the foods that nutritionist’s recommend as part of a healthy balanced diet, like bread are nutritious and are excellent value for money. As well as being a source of comfort, toast/bread is also one of the nation’s main sources of fibre: four medium slices of wholemeal bread provides 42% of the daily recommended amount of fibre. Also, white bread is fortified with vitamins and minerals and only four medium slices of white bread (140g) provides 248mg of calcium, which is 31% of the EU Recommended Daily Amount (800g), as well as calcium, white bread also provides good amounts of other key nutrients including B vitamins and protein. Adding a little spice and being creative means students can create a menu of quick, easy, nutritious meals with one loaf of bread!”