UK bread prices remain low

April 1st, 2014 by

sliced-loaf UK bread prices were among the cheapest countries in the world last year, according to data from the  Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), with the average price of bread in London standing at £1.63 per kilo (not per loaf).

The EIU check bread prices in 124 world cities, inlcuding Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Lisbon, London and Toronto. And London came in at number 72 nestled among countries that are more usually regarded as have lower prices; such as Turkey and China.

Moscow was the most expensive place to buy bread with an average price of £8.56 per kilo; followed by Seoul (£7.14) and Paris (£5.40).  The cheapest city for bread was Mumbai with an average price of £0.58.

The biannual Worldwide Cost of Living survey checks three types of outlet: budget range (eg Lidl), midrange (eg Tesco) and high end (eg Selfridges) to calculate an average.