Avo and walnut salsa

The buzzy heat of chillies is a perfect antidote to cold mornings and you don’t get much more zingy that this delicious walnut salsa that I lovingly adapted from an Ottolenghi recipe. Sometimes I feel that life is too short for finely chopping, especially at breakfast time, so I use shop-bought purees for the chilli and garlic in this recipe.

Walnut salsa:

Toast a handful of walnuts and chop. Put in a small mixing bowl and add a squeeze of red chilli puree, a squeeze of garlic puree, a splash of red wine vinegar, and a glug of olive oil. I add whatever fresh or frozen herbs I have around (coriander, flat-leaf parsley, mint, tarragon). Mix it all about, add seasoning, adjust the balance of salt, chilli and vinegar. Spoon over a mashed avocado on toast. A perfect high-fibre breakfast.