Baking with kids

October 25th, 2016 by

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. Bountiful harvests of earthy and vibrant veggies; bright sunny crisp days; leaves turning into dazzling gold and jewelled rubies; bright glistening conkers scatter the paths. Days out are now punctuated by hot chocolate rather than ice cream.

The October half-term is our favourite holiday for baking. There isn’t the pressure of Christmas looming over us; we aren’t just coming out of hibernation and desperate to be outside like we are in March. This is the perfect time for bedding down and enjoying the comforts and comforting smells of home.

Everyone wants their bakes to be a success. But managing to bake whilst managing small children can be a challenge.  So to help you get on top of things before you start (and remain on top of things throughout the process) we’ve put together a list of helpful hints below, and we have a range of kid-friendly recipes.