Even white bread has fibre

February 6th, 2017 by

All bread and flour products contain fibre – just in different amounts (you can check on the back of packets or online at company or supermarket websites).

A seeded wholemeal loaf will typically contain the most fibre – just 2 slices can contain more than a third of your 30g recommended target.

Brand Loaf Fibre per 100g Fibre per slice
Hovis Seed Sensations Seven Seeds Wholemeal 12.4g 5.5g
Kingsmill Hi Fibre White 7.0g 2.6g
Warburtons Wholemeal Sliced Medium 6.5g 2.6g
Kingsmill Soft white thick 2.7g 1.2g

Some of the high-fibre white loaves contain as much, or sometimes even more, fibre than a regular wholemeal. But even white bread contains fibre and currently contributes between 7-11% of total fibre intake (depending on age group).

Research published by the British Nutrition Foundation in January 2017 found that in order to meet the recommended fibre targets of 30g per day overall consumption of “potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy carbohydrates” would need to increase by a whopping 69%.

Sandwiches all round then?