National Toast Day


February 25th, 2014 by

Today is National Toast Day; and it’s official! Toast has been scientifically proven to be the UK’s feel good food and Britain’s most loved food smell.   Professor Tim Jacob, School of Biosciences at Cardiff University has found that the smell of toast triggers memories of happiness. And a survey by the Flour Advisory Bureau found that we are a nation of toast lovers with over 99% of us claiming we simply love toast.

So why do we love toast so much? Known as the ‘Proust Effect’ where odour unlocks memories, the smell of toast is linked firmly with a number of pleasant memories that include family life, comforting weekends and  time spent with family.  Professor Jacob explains, “It is entirely conceivable that we can sniff our way back to happy childhoods with the aroma of toast – delivering a warm, feel- good factor across countless breakfast tables throughout the nation.”

What happy memories does the smell of toast evoke for you?