Why we should be eating bread

June 10th, 2013 by

Bread often comes under fire, especially when we’re trying to lose weight, but a brand new campaign, The Slice of Life is a programme launched by the Federation of Bakers to promote bread and the benefits of it in everyday life.

Exactly what we like to hear: why we should be eating bread.

Supporting the Federation of Bakers new campaign is nutritionist Amanda Ursell, who commented:

 “Despite bread having a high nutritional content, it is often the first thing that I see excluded from people’s diets when they’re looking to lose weight. “

“Although most people think ‘bread equals carbs’, in fact, bread also gives us protein, along with a wealth of minerals including bone-building calcium and energy-boosting iron, not to mention a wide variety of vitamins and fibre.”

See there are plenty of reasons why should be eating it too.

Amanda continues: “In reality the common myths that carbohydrates and bread lead to weight gain simply don’t stand up, in fact in recent years we’ve seen the levels of bread consumption falling, whilst obesity figures have been steadily on the increase. ”

“As a nutritionist it’s great to see the Federation of Bakers launching this new initiative to bust these bread myths and raise awareness about the benefits of bread.”

But it’s important to remember that whilst bread may have nutritional values, eating in moderation is key. Brown bread is the more weight-friendly option too, as it’s much more easy to digest than white bread, the more complex carbohydrates.

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