Following her successful mock-launch of the ‘bread before Med’ diet this Summer, reality star Georgia Kousoulou today unveiled her first range of Christmas Carbs – a series of festive greetings cards with a twist.

Aimed at young women prepping for the Christmas party season, the limited edition cards take a light-hearted look at the absurd eating behaviours exhibited by girls at this time of year, and offers an alternative solution to staying on the health wagon – eating bread.  The cards are designed to remind girls that a balanced approach to eating will not only help with the January slimming task, but also to help keep them looking good in their party dress all season long.

Georgia explained: “Christmas is my favourite time of year it’s about indulging and treating yourself. But it’s also about getting all dressed up and looking your best so it can be a struggle to balance all the Christmas food and drink with a tight LBD! I’ve learnt that preparation is key- I grab a couple of slices of toast when I’m doing my makeup before I go out so that by the time I’m at the party I don’t go mad at the canapé table or need a 2am meal from the fridge when I get home! Bread keeps me fuller for longer.’’

1203_FabFob Play your Carbs Right_TwitterA limited run of the cards are available to followers of @WeHeartBread – a handle run by the nation’s bakers who have partnered with Georgia to raise awareness of the nutritional role bread can play in the diet.

TV Doctor Dawn Harper is supporting the campaign and has tips for women wanting to look great throughout the Christmas period: “Many girls start skipping meals or going on a crash diet at this time of year in preparation for party season. But this can lead to food binges on the very night you want to look and feel your best, and the calories can start to stack up leaving you with a few extra pounds come January. There is no harm in enjoying the festive treats – just include a filling snack like toast as part of your girlie ‘get ready’ routine. This means you can still enjoy a few treats on your night out but if you’re not hungry, you will be less likely to overindulge. Christmas party food is often very rich and laden with calories. It’s all about balance and portion control.”

Download the Dr Dawn PlayYourCarbsRight meal planner.